French Omelet

French Omelet

This is one of those recipes where technique really makes a huge difference! I first learned this recipe watching Youtube videos by Chef Ludo of Trois Mec, Petit Trois, and Ludo Bird. Before watching, I knew very little about a French omelet. All I knew was that the egg should have ZERO browning on the outside and that I was too scared to even try cooking it…

Seeing Chef Ludo cook and explain the recipe gave me the courage to give it a shot. To be honest there will be a bit of a learning curve with this one. It may take you several attempts before getting it right. Depending on your pan and your stove flame your results may vary. But once you just start practicing and making French omelets you can really dial in your own method. Honestly this has easily become my go to breakfast omelet!!!

French Omelet vs American Omelet

There are some obvious fundamental differences as I stated earlier. Unlike the American style omelets, French omelets have no browning and are loosely set with a creamy interior. One other major difference is that the French version has no meat or veggie fillings. So for those that like more of a filled well-done style omelet this French version is not for you.

French Omelet Cut in Half with Chives

One filling that they do have in common is cheese. However, instead of the shredded cheese used in American style omelets we use Boursin Cheese. Boursin Cheese is more of a soft creamy spreadable cheese. Think cream cheese texture but a little more dry and crumbly.

Boursin Cheese

Aesthetically, French omelets are also shaped differently to their American counterparts. Instead of folded in half, the French version is rolled. And please please PLEASE do not eat your perfectly made French omelet with any kind of sauce!!!

Rolling the french omelet

My recipe for the French omelet does not follow Chef Ludo’s steps and ingredients exactly. I changed a few things to my taste. Instead of white pepper I use regular black pepper.

I also chose to use the Garlic & Fine Herb Boursin Cheese instead of Ludo’s choice of the Pepper Boursin Cheese. Feel free to experiment with the different flavors Boursin has to offer!

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French Omelet

French Omelet

Technique elevates the humble egg in this French Omelet recipe! Delicious eggs, creamy Boursin cheese, and a bit of chives are the perfect combination. This will easily become your go to breakfast omelet.
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Prep Time 3 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Servings 1


  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 oz Boursin Cheese Garlic & Fine Herb
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter, divided
  • Fleur de sel or kosher salt to taste
  • fresh cracked black pepper to taste
  • chives, thinly sliced optional garnish


  • Crack eggs into a bowl. Use a fork to whisk eggs until thoroughly combined. Try not to incorporate too much air though. We are just looking to make sure there are no egg whites still separate.
  • Add 1 tbsp of butter to a cold 8" skillet. Place the skillet over a medium heat and melt the butter. You should not hear any sizzle from the butter.
  • Season the eggs with a pinch of salt and give it a light whisk to incorporate. Add the eggs into the pan. Again you should not hear any sizzle. We are trying to cook the eggs slowly and evenly.
  • Now the most important part. Use a rubber spatula to quickly stir the eggs in small circles around the pan. While doing so you also need to shake the pan with your other hand in a circular motion. Be sure to scrape down the sides often so you don't get dry overcooked spots.
  • After about 2 minutes the eggs will begin to set. Continue stirring and moving the pan. We are looking to have the bottom of the eggs pretty much cooked through and keep the top still runny. This will take about an additional 1 minute. Lift an edge of the omelet slightly to make sure it is set and holding together on the bottom.
    Half Cooked French Omelet
  • Remove pan from the flame. Season the eggs to taste with black pepper. Add the boursin cheese in a line, perpendicular to the handle of the pan, going down the middle of the omelet.
    French Omelet before rolling
  • With the handle facing you, tilt pan away from yourself. Use your rubber spatula to lift and gently roll the edge closest to you. After you get about halfway, add the second tbsp of butter to the pan behind your roll. This will help make the omelet shiny as well as free up the omelet.
    Half rolled French Omelet
  • Continue rolling the omelet to the edge. Grab your plate, tip the skillet onto the plate to allow the omelet to roll onto it. Garnish your omelet with a bit more salt and the chives. Enjoy!
    French Omelet

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    5 stars

    I made this with my 9-year-old daughter this morning after watching Chef Ludo and Selena Gomez. I feel today will be a wonderful memory, and bites of pure joy that she will give to her friends and family for the rest of her life. Absolutely delicious.

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