Majordomo – 1725 Naud St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

We finally got to try David Chang’s first Los Angeles restaurant! Ever since it opened in January of 2018 it has been on our to-try list. In typical David Chang style the restaurant is located in an unconventional spot. It is surrounded by nothing but industrial buildings in what I guess would be considered Northern Chinatown (even if it looks and feels NOTHING like Chinatown).

His restaurant is like a little hidden oasis. But the design and decor of the restaurant actually blends in well to the surrounding area. He keeps the industrial feel of the area with the high metal roof with pipes and building structure exposed. The seating is half inside and half outside with a long wall of glass windows to separate the two.

Chang made a unique menu specific to Los Angeles for Majordomo. He takes influence from Chinese and Korean cuisine but also adds in fine dining elements with table-side service to finish off a dish before it is served. His menu also centers around large format meats to share and utilizes the fresh produce of California.

We certainly enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and of course some stiff drinks from their creative list of cocktails. Here is the breakdown of our meal at Majordomo!

Food Breakdown

Bing with Egg & Smoked Roe

The surprisingly pillowy-cloudlike bing bread was the perfect vehicle to soak up the soft boiled egg and fish roe. They encourage you to break up the soft boiled egg and mix it with the roe so that you can rip and dip the bing bread in. Perfectly crispy potato chips balanced out the dish by giving each bite a little bit of crunch. Overall a great start to our meal! Highly recommend trying one of their many Bing options from Duck Liver Mousse to Cave Aged Butter & White Sturgeon Caviar.

Fried Oxtail with Salsa Seca, Chili, and Peanuts

This appetizer dish has all the best parts of a typical bar food. Fried meat, big flavor, a bit of heat, and lots of little nuts and seeds to nibble on. This was the perfect dish to order while sipping on a few of those strong cocktails we mentioned earlier. For fans of scotch we suggest their Rob Roy and for something a bit sweeter go with the Paloma.

Boneless Chuck Short Rib

The succulent short rib is braised with Asian pear & daikon, served with rice cake & sweet potato, and finished tableside with melted raclette. In a nod to LA Korean restaurants they offer to cut the dish for you with a pair of scissors. If nothing else this dish is the epitome of David Chang’s “Ugly Delicious” philosophy.

Great food doesn’t have to be pretty, neatly plated or fussy. Sometimes greatness comes in the form of a comforting braise served straight from the Dutch oven it was cooked in. Although this dish is uniquely Chang’s, it really gives you that home cooked feeling. It tasted like something we would find in the best kitchens of Ktown. Celebration dinner, family dinner, feeling homesick dinner; this dish does it all.

Horchata Kakigori

Last but CERTAINLY not least was this massive bowl of shaved ice! Hidden inside this mountain of light and creamy ice was their delicious rice pudding. Topped off with some horchata whipped cream and a sweetened condensed milk drizzle. Never overly sweet, this dessert was perfectly balanced and a great end to a fantastic meal!

If we had to summarize our meal in just a few words we’d have to say it was an interactive, playful, delicious meal. His dishes encourage you to dive in and use your hands. Sharing the food with the whole table allows everyone to join in on the fun.

And of course, you can always expect delicious food at a David Chang restaurant! Let us know how you felt about your Majordomo visit in the comments below. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

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